Jessica Chant

I am a textile designer/embroider. I most commonly work with cross stitch, I aim to make my pieces of textile work commercial and contemporary.

I am very passionate about crafts and textiles and like to do as much as I can by hand. I love working with this traditional technique of cross stitch but I try to revive this simple stitch to make it something new and exciting rather than being old fashioned and dated.

I have reinterpreted this old craft technique into something beautiful.

I believe we have to look back to see forward, therefore I have used this traditional stitch but have recently embarked on stitching into wood. Applying this stitch to wood using garden twine I feel gives it a new lease of life, a piece of textile art work that can be placed within an interior setting or perhaps outside and watch it weather through the seasons as the twine slowly disintegrates.

Image 6

Image 3 Business Card Image 1


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